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Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Tue Aug 17 00:53:43 EDT 2004

kevin marvier writes:
> hi my name is kevin and i recently bought a 2000 audi S4. it is my first =
> audi and i like it. the question i have is that my epc light always =
> comes on. some days when the car starts it is on, others it comes on =
> when i drive for more than .5 hours. the engine is not particularly hot =
> or anything. i recently had the opportunity to smoke a wrx but my my =
> damn turbos were down due to the epc. does anybody have any advice to =
> make my engine more consistant.    thank you     sdmarv at att.net=20

You need to hook up a VAG scan tool and check for DTCs (diagnostic
trouble codes).  Without that it is difficult to figure out what might
be wrong.

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