[Biturbos4] rims for 2001 S4

Russell Romano Russell_Romano at pmc-sierra.com
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It wouldn't hurt to give the "local guy" a chance to meet the tirerack prices (plus a reasonable allotment to cover shipping).

I was buying 18" OZ Titans for my A6 2.7T.  Tirerack had a great price, but I went to a local shop (Auto Addictions in Allentown PA) and they matched the price and even mounted them on the car free.  I did pay tax which I would have avoided mail order... but if the price is close I prefer to keep the money in my own town.

Local shops are starting to improve their price flexibility and customer service due to the pressure the online places are creating.  It's worth giving them a try.


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Have you looked at Tirerack.com?  Their selection guide for the S4 seems 
very good and ordering is convenient and easy, especially if you want 
tires as well.  They stock fully chromed  wheels in a number of styles 
as well as painted aluminum.  Their selection guide will only show you 
wheels that fit on your S4 properly - correct offset, bolt pattern and 
diameter, etc.  They will arrive at your door via UPS properly mounted 
and balanced and with the correct bolts for the wheels.  Just grab your 
large torque wrench and bolt them on.  I got my Dunlop Winter sports 
this way and have no complaints whatsoever, except for the cheesy 
digital tire gages I suckered for which really don't work very well at 
all.  I get much better results with a good analog tire gage.   Good 
luck.  John M. Harrison  Laramie, WY  2001.5 S4 Avant silver loaded 
stock 33k miles and running perfectly.

Quincy Chiang wrote:

>Chrome rims??  Are you kidding??
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>Subject: [Biturbos4] rims for 2001 S4

>>I need new chrome rims for my 2001 S4. Can anyone recommend a 
>>source for 
>>good-looking chrome rims that will fit the S4? (17 x 7.5 or 7, 
>>35mm offset). 
>>My local tire guy ordered some Alba rims that looked nice, but the 
>>wasn't right.
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