[Biturbos4] Tire Recomendation? and possible tire for sale.

Jim Eisinger jeisinger at kc.rr.com
Wed Aug 25 17:39:36 EDT 2004

I just got a new B6 S4 three weeks ago. For starters it sounds so good
you want to drive around with the windows down and the radio off.
Actually it sounds great with the windows up. In short it has great
brakes, the engine has loads of torque, and it handles much better then
the B5. Last Saturday I had it out for a spin at Heartland Park in
Topeka, KS at a BMW driver's school. Pure stock it ran better then my B5
ever did. 

The only thing I miss is that kick in the pants you get from the turbos.
This thing just pulls you have to watch the speedo. Check with the guys
at Jay Wolfe in KC I got a great deal there. They have two silvers, one
imola yellow, and a Nogaro blue on the lot. 


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Hi Guys,

Ok, my s4 is nearing 50 k miles and i really like what
i've read about the new s4.  in a couple of months
i'll be in the market for the new s4.

i would like to hear your thought on the new s4.  

if i do end up getting it, i will have a set of winter
tires mounted on 17 inch rims that i may have for

more importantly, has anyone test driven the new s4. 
i walked into the delaerhsip in omaha, and walked out
after seeing the sales people.  they gave me the
heebeejeebies.  talk about trying to be slick.  yeesh.


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