[Biturbos4] Tire Recomendation? and possible tire for sale.

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Wed Aug 25 23:51:59 EDT 2004

Jim Eisinger writes:
> [ ... ] 
> The only thing I miss is that kick in the pants you get from the turbos.
> This thing just pulls you have to watch the speedo.

Yeah, I haven't driven one yet, but the more I look at the B6 S4 the
better it looks :).  When the B6 cars first came out I didn't really
like its chunky styling as much as the B5, but now that I'm more used
to it, I am liking it more.  Especially when outfitted with wide tires,
big wheels and sitting squat like the new S4.  I don't think I am a
position to buy a new S4 anytime soon though.  My '01 S4 is serving me
well (more than well, actually).

One thing I don't like about the B6 cars, is the fact that the
oil temp and voltmeter gauges have been eliminated.  I don't like
the dash illumination as much as the B5 S4.

No question about the superiority of the B6 chassis, though.  I have
a '03 A4 1.8T, and even though it's no S4 you can definitely feel
how solid the whole platform is.  The doors close with a really satisfying
thunk and the car has that hewn from a single piece of granite sensation
that my B5 car never had, even when new.

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