[Biturbos4] Looking to Buy Trade...

Greg Amy grega at pobox.com
Fri Aug 27 10:29:34 EDT 2004

I've got a 2000 Nogaro Blue S4 sedan with a few nice
adds that I'd like to trade for a comparable Avant.

My wife has a '99.5 1.8T Avant (Pelican Blue) and she
really likes the S4 but wants the power, so I figure
we'll trade in both the sedan and her Avant to get her
an S4 Avant, and I'll buy something else.

If you've got an S4 Avant you're looking to sell or
trade for a sedan, let me know. I'd prefer Nogaro Blue
with silver interior, but I'm open to alternatives.
Details on my car at:


Greg Amy
Middletown CT

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