[Biturbos4] Brake upgrade / EBC Greenstuff

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Wed Dec 1 16:25:03 EST 2004

Rust on the rotors.  Check em out after it's been parked for a couple of
days .. you get temporary rough spots that don't necessarily go away with
just a few stops. All sorts of strange things can happen.

My S4 did this all the time, luckily it goes away over time and gives you
a better excuse for you to be the one that drives when you have friends
over and wanna go somewhere:

"Lets take my car, I need to get the rust off my rotors before it gets too

On the note of warped rotors- one time I didn't have the time to torque my
wheels to spec when I rotated tires (can't remember why) so I just blasted
them on with an impact. Stupid. Within a day I had a bad warp up front at
highway speed braking. I basically pulled the rotor out of round from
uneven torquing. Surprisingly.. I retorqued all the lugs and it went away
after a few days.

- Keman

On Wed, 1 Dec 2004, John Koenig wrote:

> I replaced my OE pads with EBC Greenstuff, probably for the same reasons
> you're considering them.  I am in the process of trying to troubleshoot a
> problem I have with vibration, which I first thought was warped rotors.  The
> car is street/highway driven, and I'm getting to be an old man, so that
> usually means anticipating traffic, emphasizing smoothness and not using the
> brakes too hard, as a general rule.  What I notice though, which tends to
> refute the warped rotor theory, is that the vibration seems based on
> conditions.  It is usually most noticeable after the car has been sitting a
> day or two, which to me suggests some kind of pad/rotor interaction or
> corrosion issues.  A few blasts of hard braking tend to diminish the problem
> a lot, and I've never heard of that with warped rotors.  I guess maybe my
> street driving isn't using them hard enough.
> Please note:  This is by no means definitive; I may have other issues, and
> I'm very reluctant to dismiss the product as inferior when I have too many
> variables.  Just responding like you asked ...
> John

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