[Biturbos4] Brake upgrade / EBC Greenstuff

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Thu Dec 2 10:13:06 EST 2004

> As you (Keman) are an Audi tech guy, why do you think Audi has so much
> trouble with the rusting brake rotor thing?  Doesn't seem to be an
> industry-wide problem.  Isn't this a big customer satisfaction issue?

It's the pads, mostly. They are very metallic ... it causes a plague of
squeeking brakes issues non-stop from customers that never get on the
brakes very hard. But on the up side they perform well and customers get
reminded of this when they complain. Audi will perform a one-time pad
modification under warranty that basically sands the pad down a bit and
chamfers the edges to try and solve the squeeking issue. It doesn't do
much besides knock 5k miles of life off of them. :P

The extreme of this issue would be like.. Hawk Blue pads. These things eat
your rotors alive if they're cold and barely stop. You'll definitely boil
the fluid outa the calipers before they fade though...

I'm not familiar with EBC pads except the ones I ran in my Honda CBR600 F4
... they worked great but not much didn't for that thing.

I run Galfer pads in my 'stang and while they will go up to about 90% of
the cars limits on the track and last nearly forever.. if you push them
beyond that they just fall apart. If I could get Galfers for the Audi I
definitely would. They're the stock pads that the 2000 Cobra "R" had.

My S4 had Mintex Red pads in it .. which seemed to be very similar to OEM
with maybe a little bit less brake dust.

I've not seen many people mentioning Porterfield pads in a while. I know
they sell an R4-S compound for the Audi which is an aggressive street pad
... but I recall it being very expensive. $320 or so for a set since it
was basically the price of two sets (8 pads) for HP2 brakes the biturbo s4
has. It probably has come down in price by now.

- Keman

> John

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