[Biturbos4] air bag light on

John Koenig johnkoenig at greennet.net
Wed Dec 1 16:17:33 EST 2004

My mistake -- a more up-to-date source says N199 is the "Igniter for side
airbag, driver's side" and 01217 is essentially a code referring to that

The attachment is information from Audi's list of airbag trouble codes, etc.

Hope this helps.

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> I went to a local mechanic today who examined the "air bag" light that's
> been on in my dash for a couple of weeks, and he had the following cryptic
> note on the receipt:
> Air Bag light on pull cods: D1217 side airbag driver side squib N199
> resistance too high is 15AHARII problem.  Cleared light out, comes right
> back on.
> Any idea on how to resolve this issue?  My car has just rolled over 50K
> and is at 52.5K now, so I'm not sure what to do.  The mechanic also said
> that someone else's machine may give a different code number.
> Any suggestions or ideas as to what this might be?
> Rgs,
> Zeb
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