[Biturbos4] Spark Plug change interval

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Mon Dec 6 09:59:11 EST 2004

I've found the 2.7T engine eats spark plugs like they're candy. They're
platinum and $11 a pop at the dealer. Can't say I would recommend any
other plug other than stock. I changed mine out every 20k miles. You can
go longer but you can almost sneeze at an S4 engine and it misfires while
idling. They're very sensetive to injector clogging and spark plug gaps.
As always- YMMV... :)

- Keman

On Sat, 4 Dec 2004, David Kavanagh wrote:

> Ok, so my A6 manual says I should replace the spark plugs every 32,000
> miles. I'm over 62,000, so that 2nd set should be about due for
> replacement. However, some places I've seen discuss 40,000 mile
> intervals. What is right? Is it different for th S4, vs the A6 and
> allroad?
> David
> --
> '00 A6 biturbo 6-speed
> '01 allroad 6-speed

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