[Biturbos4] Re: Screwed over by Audi or service dealer

ken kgrant kaspgr at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 6 17:51:06 EST 2004

Hi Folks,

My S4 had about 49,900 miles last week when i made the
appointment to get the 50k service work done.  This
was wednesday of last week and i wanted to get it done
last Friday.  They were no able to get me in till
today.  And over the weekend i had to go to Iowa and
back, and I put in over 500 miles.  My odometer
reading is 50,400 miles.

I took it in this morning and they changed the oil
etc. And now they want me to pay for it since it is
over 50k.  I talked to Audi USA and they said it was
over 50k and they can't do anything about it! 
Although when i bought my S4 it had 500 miles and the
dealer (at that time in lafayette, IN), said my
warranty is good until 50,500miles. I told this to the
audi person, and they said it is a negotiation between
my audi dealer and I.  wtf.

Also, the service dealer (authorized to service audis)
indicated that there was never a brake flush done. 
They were suppose to have done this and was trying to
get me to pay for it.

In any case, just got back from my service dealer and
they did most of it under warranty and I had to only
pay for $35 for the oil change.

But still, this has really tainted my audi experience.
No more audis for me, which is unfortunate because, it
is a good car.  

If you want a 2001 S4 that is just out of warranty for
$21k (with four winter wheels, both winter and summer
mats), please let me know.  


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