[Biturbos4] Re: Screwed over by Audi or service dealer

Andy Turner andy at palomar.demon.co.uk
Mon Dec 6 19:08:26 EST 2004

On Mon, 6 Dec 2004 18:19:03 -0500, David Kavanagh <audiguy at gmail.com>

>I had a simliar story when I scheduled my allroad for the 50K service.
>They said Audi has been much more of a pain in the butt about this
>lately. So, they said to make sure it was under 50K, so mine had
>49,920 miles when I got it there! It is hard because the dealer is
>backed up sometimes!
>They had to order a couple of parts for mine so I took it back with >
>50K and they said they'd have to check but Audi might not cover it
>because it is over 50K. 

Surely though, you'd have been able to argue that it had been
evaluated at <50k and needed the parts then. Just because it had done
more by the time the parts had become available is irrelevant.


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