[Biturbos4] Re: Screwed over by Audi or service dealer

ken kgrant kaspgr at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 7 12:20:23 EST 2004

I was just ticked off.  Btw, the dealer is a VW dealer
and does not sell audis.  so i got took for 33 bucks. 
lesson learned.

intersting thing was my warranty was extended by the
dealer i bought it from by 500 miles since the car had
500 miles when i bought it.  aoa told me that that was
between my dealer and i and they would not honor it. 
but the warranty is an aoa document which i thought
the dealer had the right to modify. so audi is
approving of dealers cheating?? am i right?  

if aoa was interested in loyal cutomers, they should
have contacted the dealer and asked them to rectify
the situation.

but i do agree, it is a nice car.  it was good thing
that the dealer was nice (could have been nicer).  but
aoa excusing themselves of their responsibility is


--- David Giannandrea <giannandrea at mindspring.com>

> Don't throw a good car away just because of a dealer
> disagreement. I think
> you wound up with a very good settlement. The next
> time you plan on driving
> 500 miles over warranty, call the dealer to
> authorize the situation.
> Keep the car. You can't do better unless you buy a
> Honda/Toyota... and they
> aren't near as much fun to drive.
> David
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