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I agree, as I expect most people do, that you can't bitch about the terms &
conditions of purchase (including the warranty terms) after they've been
accepted.  However, what seems to be at issue is Audi's (or their dealer's)
attitude at the margins or where some discretion might be justified.  The S4
is an expensive high-tech piece of kit - my S4 Avant cost £44,000 new in the
UK 6 years ago - yet since the warranty expired after 3 years, the driver's
heated seat has failed, the turbos have failed, the aircon has failed, the
MAF has failed, the dump valves have failed and the rear wash/wipe has
failed.  I have only done 48k "easy" motorway miles, and I would have
expected better for my money and perhaps a little more sympathy from my
dealer.  He wants £200 just to "investigate" the aircon problem.

In the UK, Audi do not offer an extended warranty after 3 years, whereas BMW
can't wait to offer it on any of their cars.  That says everything about the
confidence they respectively have in their products, and although Audi may
be legally entitled to kick all out-of-warranty claims into touch, they're
losing serious potential buyers (like us) of their premium models in the
long run.

If BMW ever make an M3 Quattro, I'm gone.....until then, my butt will freeze
in winter, I'll sweat all summer, and I'll keep on worrying.

Robin Gibson

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> Some of you people have an interesting attitude.  You seem to think  AoA
> to fix your cars, no matter what the mileage and what non authorized
> modifications you have made.  These cars are extremely complex and
changing  any
> component can have an unexpected effect on some other system.
> Pulling an extra 100 hp out of the engine and then having the engine or
> transmission blow is NOT something AoA should be responsible for.  If you
want to
> chip them, fine, but you are the one responsible for what happens next,
> AoA or your dealer.
> I have had nothing but good experiences with AoA and my dealer.  They
> stood behind all their work and have replaced parts which should have
> longer, i.e., the coolant temp sensor at very reasonable prices.  I  had
> 80,000 miles on my car when the sensor went.  Part ending up  costing me $
> 5.00.
> And, yes, I did chip my car and if anything happens, I will be the one who
> pays the piper.
> I have driven many cars over the years, BMW's, Benzes, Alfa Romeo's,  etc.
> My S-4 is better than any other car I could reasonably  afford...except
for my
> next S-4.
> I've driven many Honda's, Lexus's and  Toyota's and they were all  really
> boring....and ugly...except for the S 2000.
> Richard, Stealth Silver S-4, 6 speed
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