[Biturbos4] Re: Warranties

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Thu Dec 9 00:23:52 EST 2004

Quincy Chiang writes:
> ...
> And to them in the short term, loosing one enthusiasts/long time Audi
> owner isn't a big deal, cause they know they have many average suckers
> flocking in to buy their cars.
> ...

Audi's own demographics study shows that buyers of their cars are
highly internet-savvy.  Messages like this thread should be easily
found via web searches.  Alienating existing customers won't do the
company any good for future sales if a potential buyer does a search
of "audi" and get a bunch of complaints.  AoA really needs to work
on customer loyalty.  Just making the dealers look high-tech and
spiffy is not the answer.

Ti Kan
Vorsprung durch Technik

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