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Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
Thu Dec 9 01:35:07 EST 2004

Agreed.  I don't doubt Audi's own study either, but this just shows a clear disconnect between what Audi thinks they should and need to do, and what they are actually doing.

There have been many folks here on Audifans and on Audiworld who are dissatisfied with Audi's service, to the point they would never buy another Audi again.  I hate to think what I'd do if my dealer really pissed me off.  I love my Audis so damn much to walk away! ;-)


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> Quincy Chiang writes:
> > ...
> > And to them in the short term, loosing one enthusiasts/long time 
> Audi> owner isn't a big deal, cause they know they have many 
> average suckers
> > flocking in to buy their cars.
> > ...
> Audi's own demographics study shows that buyers of their cars are
> highly internet-savvy.  Messages like this thread should be easily
> found via web searches.  Alienating existing customers won't do the
> company any good for future sales if a potential buyer does a search
> of "audi" and get a bunch of complaints.  AoA really needs to work
> on customer loyalty.  Just making the dealers look high-tech and
> spiffy is not the answer.
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