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Outstanding info! But I must admit I'm a tad confused about the "cool it 
down before shutting the engine off" bit. What are you supposed to do?

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>Mine's been pretty good.  Very solid car.
>The turbos are a costly, fragile part however.  For starters, there are 
>two.  They need to be replaced in pairs, supposedly.  Replacement requires 
>engine removal, so its costly.  On the other hand, Audi has equipped it for 
>longevity. The turbos are water-cooled, and there is an after-run pump to 
>keep H2O circulating after you shut it off.
>There is no maintenance possible per se, btu precautions that apply to ANY 
>turbo car:
>1. Easy when its cold
>2. Cool it down before shutting the engine off
>3. Use synthetic oil, which resists coking at the higher temperatures that 
>exist at the turbo
>4. Change it frequently, I do it ~5k with Mobil 1
>Problem with a used one is "what did the previous owner, who didn;t plan to 
>keep it long anyway, do?".  frequently, not much.  Audi does NOT pay for 
>synthetic in 6-cyl turbos, so it got regular oil for the first 50k, unless 
>the owner carried a bag of mobil 1 to the dealer twice a year (like I did). 
>  Did he cool it down?  Warm it up?
>You'll just have to feel out the owner and hope for the best.  Do listen 
>for excessive whining under load ( a bad sign).
>Other than that, the timing belt service is a bit costly, and should be 
>done at (let the debates begin) ~75k.  Figure $900-1500, depending on who 
>does it, with the water pump, thermostat, idler and tensioner all at the 
>same time.
>Tie rods fail early, as do some control arms.  Life goes on.
>Despite all this, the car has been very solid.  Heavy duty throughout.  
>20mpg "normal", with 25+ on the highway.
>Oh, yea, tune ups are a bear for the DIY, but do-able. Also, careful of the 
>17" wheels with 45-series tires.  They bend.  You can get 16' on for snows, 
>but only a select few 16" will clear the big brakes.
>Mine now has 73k, no rattles, burns almost no oil, no major repairs save 
>the tie-rods and a couple control arms.  And once done, it drove *like 
>On Dec 21, 2004, at 10:21 AM, Paul Jones wrote:
>>Hi all. I have recently sold my '93 V8 and I am considering buying a '00 
>>S4. Having had no previous experience with turbo Audi's I am in need of 
>>some basic info. on the cars. What are the major problem spots? What are 
>>the major buyers guidelines? Plus, is there any special maintainence that 
>>must be performed on the turbos themselves?
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