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Andy Turner andy at palomar.demon.co.uk
Wed Dec 22 11:47:18 EST 2004

It occurs to me that rather than fitting turbo timers, a turbo
temperature setting on the side of the turbo would do. Then you could
sit and watch it crawl down as you do your cool down.


On Wed, 22 Dec 2004 10:43:16 -0600, "Stephenson" <step88 at kc.rr.com>

>I agree with Wilson.  I ran a turbocharged Toyota Supra on Dino oil for 15
>years without any turbo problems.  If I ran it hard, I would keep the revs
>low and off the boost for the last mile or two so as to get about 120
>seconds at or near idle.  Synthetic should have made it even less of a
>2000 S4
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>there is quite a debate about turbo cooling... essentially what i do is to 
>stay off the boost as i near my destination, thus letting the oil and 
>coolant do their job of cooling down the engine and turbo parts.  
>Following this, and depending on the situation, I may idle for 30-120 
>seconds... or not.
>For example, my work place allows for a downhill coast before parking 
>which lasts about 30 seconds.... so, IMHO, that 30 counts toward my cool 
>down period.
>wilson '00s4
>On Wed, 22 Dec 2004, Paul Jones wrote:
>> Outstanding info! But I must admit I'm a tad confused about the "cool it 
>> down before shutting the engine off" bit. What are you supposed to do?
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>> >Mine's been pretty good.  Very solid car.
>> >The turbos are a costly, fragile part however.  For starters, there are 
>> >two.  They need to be replaced in pairs, supposedly.  Replacement
>> >engine removal, so its costly.  On the other hand, Audi has equipped it
>> >longevity. The turbos are water-cooled, and there is an after-run pump to
>> >keep H2O circulating after you shut it off.
>> >
>> >There is no maintenance possible per se, btu precautions that apply to
>> >turbo car:
>> >
>> >1. Easy when its cold
>> >2. Cool it down before shutting the engine off

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