[Biturbos4] New S4? / Cam tools

John Koenig johnkoenig at greennet.net
Fri Dec 24 14:31:56 EST 2004

This is the big bar used to lock the cams in position, right?  For what it's
worth, the Audi factory information shows two different tools for 12V and
30V engines.

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From: Keman <keman at interwolf.net>
Subject: Re: [Biturbos4] New S4?

> I don't know for sure, but I do know that there was only one big-ass cam
> locking tool in our specialty tools section at the dealer. So either the
> version was missing, or they are the same. I'm inclined to think the
> ... you'll know for sure once you try it because it'll either fit it or it
> won't.
> - Keman
> mike wrote:
> >> thanks for that, looks like Keman knows his stuff.
> >>
> >> Anyone know if the locking tools are the same as the
> >> NA 12V V6?
> >>
> >> Mike

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