[Biturbos4] Audi screws up

Ferrier, Pat PatF at mcgrawhill.ca
Sat Dec 25 12:56:04 EST 2004


I currently have a 2000 S4 and a 2004 A4 (and a 911 for special summer
days and track). 

I've owned four Audis, 2 Porsches and 1 bug recently.

I've convinced at least half dozen others to buy Audi's over the past
few years.

You'd think that Audi would value customers like me - perhaps they do
but they've got some incredibly incompetent dealers out there (case in
point Owasco Audi in Whitby, Canada) that don't seem to understand that
Audi was on the brink of failure not too long ago and can easily get
back there.

After replacing 3 wheel bearings after 3 trips to the dealer they
insisted that I didn't need the 4rth. Finally after listening to it
scream on the highway (fortunately near my Porsche mechanic) I had him
take a look at it - he confirmed that it had been in need of replacement
for some time and did a wheel alignment 'gratis' that he said the dealer
should have done. This explained the two bald tires in the rear. 

When I went back to the dealer (Owasco) they refused to pay for the
wheel bearing part under emergency warranty terms outlined in the
extended warranty. They also refused to do anything about the tires they
ruined by not doing a wheel alignment. 

I've gone to them twice now about a problem with the front differential
- not sure if others have had this problem but when it's cold it seems
to engage and disengage sporadically through initial sharp turns. They
seem clueless on this one as well. Then again these are the same morons
that refuse to include the spare into the rotation during tire

Have to go back there to for the recall notice but the warranty is up in
February so won't be seeing this dealer again. I will be sending a
demand letter though and if Audi doesn't step in and make it right I'll
sue - just for fun.

The timing is interesting as well since I was just got the appointment
to the top job at my firm. Guess which auto maker isn't going to make
the list of eligible company cars. Right now it looks like Benz, BMW and
some Japanese competitors will round out our new list. 

Anyone have any suggestions for non-Audis that should go on the list. I
want my staff driving, quality cars, that provide saftey and a bit of
fun and want to support car companies that still believe in customer



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