[Biturbos4] HELP! 2000 S4 Timing Belt Slipped

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Sun Feb 1 11:59:14 EST 2004


That repair bill is bullshit. I've fixed slipped timing belt engines which I
am truely surprised did not happen at like 160k miles on a shredded, poor
oil covered belt.

It costs some bucks, but nothing near that. New valves, cylinder head
cleanup, and the labor. $2500, tops.

Timing belt failure has nothing to do with oil, even at 5000 rpm, let alone
oil getting into the turbos. Even if oil did get into the turbos by magic,
nothing happens as it is harmless. It would not require both turbos being

So.. either this is a joke or you have one seriously fraudulent dealership.
I'd like to see pictures of this timing belt. If you could take them it
would be useful.

$16,000 ? Get it in writing, contact an attorney, and sue the fsck out of
them to get the whole thing for free. That's my opinion.

- Keman

>> Last weekend, I was backing out of my driveway and the
>> car just stopped. I had it towed to my secondary
>> dealer (my primary dealer couldn't look at it for 2-3
>> weeks!!). The diagnosis is not good - the timing belt
>> "slipped", causing 2 valves to bend, oil to get into
>> the turbos, etc. The repair bill for this is what
>> truly took my breath away - $16,000 to FIX the car. (2
>> turbos, 2 heads, water pump, timing belt, plus labor)
>> Now I'm no expert on this stuff, but the car has a
>> trade-in value of ~$18K, so do I now have a totalled
>> car with almost NO value? With only 75K miles, I am
>> well below the recommended interval of 90K or 104K
>> miles (I've seen both). My primary dealer actually
>> wrote on my slip at 60K miles that I should do the
>> timing belt at 70K, but when I brought it in for the
>> 70K service, my "service advior" told me I didn't need
>> to do it at 70K & that I should wait until 80K.
>> So, my question here is - what next? I've contacted
>> Audi and asked for help, but I am wondering if I have
>> any other recourse. Has anybody else out there been
>> through this? For those of you that haven't - go have
>> your timing belts changed!
>> Any advice/stories would be greatly appreciated!

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