[Biturbos4] HELP! 2000 S4 Timing Belt Slipped

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Sun Feb 1 13:58:39 EST 2004

Personally, I'd like to look at this car. Are you anywhere near Michigan?

I fear independant shops getting their hands into this. They don't want to
underquote, some are greedy, some won't know what they are getting into,
some fear getting into it too much, some see this situation as drama they
don't want, some fear legal liability, and some are just ignorant. It's
going to take an honest mechanic experienced with audi's to give you a good
idea of what's going on with this repair.

I'm just baffled at the $16k price. I can't wait until tomorrow to share
this with my fellow Audi techs .. I'm going to try to put together a
worst-case scenario to see if ANYTHING could remotely come to be this bad.
Pictures of this engine apart would do miracles to my ability to help..

- Keman

>> Personally, I would get the car to the best independent shop in the
>> area. Even if this requires having the car flatbedded some distance
>> to a good independent shop, it will save you thousands and most
>> likely result in better quality repair work.  My personal experience
>> with Audi dealers has been dismal.  That is not to say all are bad;
>> I just have not found a good one in my area.  I have gotten to the
>> point that I won't let an Audi dealer mechanic touch my cars, even
>> for free service or warranty work.  I have just had too many bad
>> repairs and other things being damaged during repairs, as well as at
>> least one instance I know for sure where expensive synthetic oil I
>> brought was kept by someone at the dealership and not used in my
>> car.
>> Ron

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