[Biturbos4] HELP! 2000 S4 Timing Belt Slipped

Bob Tillman list at p-vector.com
Mon Feb 2 10:23:33 EST 2004

Hi Jeff -

Sorry to hear about your S4 troubles.

As for shops, I don't know any in Boston proper.  I realize your car would
need to be flatbedded to where it gets fixed, but if you don't mind taking
it to the suburbs, I have had good experiences with the following:

- Shine Racing Service, in Walpole (http://www.srsvw.com).  They know their
stuff and seem fair and honest.  They've done lots of work for me on my old
GTI.  I haven't had any need to use their services on my S4 yet.

- Brian's Garage, in Needham (http://www.briansgarage.com).  I took my S4 to
them for its pre-purchase inspection and they too seemed to know their

Both of those places are no-nonsense garages; you walk in and see parts and
assemblies littering the place.  Personally, I tend to trust places like
that more than places with a "boutique" atmosphere.

As for dealers, I've had good luck at Bernardi in Natick.  We bought our
allroad from them new and have taken it there for scheduled maintenance and
some new-car repairs.  They'd gotten a bad rap in the past when their Audi
service was handled at the same facility as VW and Honda, but since they've
moved Audi to its own facility they seem to have gotten their act together.
A friend here at work takes his S4 to Clair and he recommends them too.

Let us know how things progress.

Good luck,
- Bob T.
  '01 S4 Avant 6-speed (his)
  '02 allroad 6-speed (hers)

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> Keman & Ned,
>    Thanks so much for the response, I hope you're
> right - I will get a written estimate/description of
> the issue as well as pictures.
>    I'm in the Boston area; does anyone know a "good"
> dealership or specialty shop that could give me an
> accurate second opinion on this?

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