[Biturbos4] High Mileage APB engine codes

Aaron LaPointe alapointe1 at cox.net
Mon Feb 2 21:41:46 EST 2004

Funny that you mention that high pitched squeal when the car is cold.  I
have that same squeal that it developed about a month ago in some VERY cold
weather.  The noise came on very suddenly under high boost.  No oil lost,
boost is still fine, just makes that noise telling me something in wrong.  I
have just babied it since then... and will be taking it into the shop in a
few weeks to see whats up.  I presume it's a turbo.  If anyone has any other
ideas, I'd love to hear em.  Noise is only under spool up and goes away as
engine warms up.  This is an 01 apr chipped s4.  I've also been
intermittently been throwing those misfire fault codes... anyone figure out
where the heck those are coming from yet?  I'll have them look into it when
it goes in as well, but would appreciate any advice ahead of time.  Seems to
routinely misfire on cylinder 2 as per vag-com.  I have 68k on the car.  Any
advice, ideas?
Aaron LaPointe
01 Nogaro Blue S4
87 4kcsq
04 BMW R1150GS (only cause there aren't any quattro bikes)

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> Just wondering what are some of the higher mileage 2.7t motors out there
and generally how they are holding up. I have not really herd of too many
2.7t with higher miles than mine. I would be curious to know if there are
and what indicators people are seeing with their motors.
> ---
> My 2000 A6 2.7t (6speed) has just over 85000 miles on it. I have owned for
about 20k now and it has been chipped (MTM Stage 1) for about 5k.
> I would not say my APB has been well cared for by the PO. When I got it,
it still had the original, and defective, TBB. Additionally many of the
warranty recalls had not been done. Additionally there was significant
amounts of oil gunk in the valve train, which leads me to believe it was
subjected to factory change intervals. A few frequent oil changes every 2000
has really helped that out.
> Interestingly this Audi V6 seems to consume less oil than others that I
had. I would say about 1/2 quart per 3000miles. My 01SAvant would go through
at least a quart every 3k, but that car seemed to be getting better as it
broke in.
> I would say in general the motor is running very well still (knock on cast
iron), much like the way my 01S4Avant was when new. Turbo noise is louder
when cold but goes away after about 5 -10 min. But nothing that would
indicate failure. It is my assumption that the turbos are stock as there is
no warranty repair history on these components.
> The valve cover and cam adjuster seals have been replaced based on visual
inspection. I am approaching the timing belt repair soon and don't plan to
change it until the specified interval because I have purchased supplemental
insurance (covers the turbos too).
> So that is about it, I look forward to hearing from all you other high
> Mike Benno
> 00 A6 2.7t 6 Spd
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