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>From what I picked up from the list, IIRC, Keman's response, letting the car idle doesnt really warm up the engine all that much, unless you take up the revs a little bit.

I have a fairly small commute, 7 miles, and the engine is barely warm (oil temp reaching 175 degrees) once I get to the office. I try to stay out of boost the whole time, IMHO, one of the best investments so far, the boost gauge, enabling for me a proper warm up. That is before having the boost gauge, I tried to upshift as much and as soon as I could, now with the boost gauge, I noted that early upshifts, actually generate boost. I try to keep it below the 3,000 untill reaching about the 175 degrees of oil temp.

To answer your question, the most I let the car idling is maybe 1 minute, to see the revs come down after start up and than taking it easy untill the engine is warm.

Maybe Kenan or any expert has a differnt opinion.


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Hello All.
The NE winter and a month straight of sub-25 degree F weather prompted
me to read my 2002 S4 manual searching for Audi's position on warming up
the engine while the car idle.
Like the BMW M3 manual, their position is that due to greater "engine
wear" the car should be driven upon startup.
Is there a consensus opinion on this list?
It seems painful to not give a 22 degree S4 a few minutes before
- Jim
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