[Biturbos4] Replacement turbos - buyin A6 2.7T with blown turbos

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 3 11:46:06 EST 2004


all this talk has got me to thinking (it happens from
time to  time ;-)

it's pretty obvious from my experience on this board,
that the K03 turbos are too small. plain and simple.
maybe a boost controller with a turbo timer might help
things. such as letting the turbos cool down and
lowering the factory boost for normal daily driving.
but, the little K03s seem to be the achille's heel of
an otherwise reliable car.

some of you know i am lurking on this board
researching A6 2.7T as my potential next car (along
with the 540i 6 speed). well, what about buying an A6
2.7T with blown turbos wholesale. either private party
or from a dealer that just wants to get rid of it.
then put a K04 upgrade on it and be happy?

am i dreaming? what do you guys think?

see ya,

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