[Biturbos4] Replacement turbos - buyin A6 2.7T with blown turbos

California Fields cfields72 at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 3 17:28:32 EST 2004

No, the K04 takes longer to spool up. There's more of a lag with the K04. 
However, it's not that bad from what I've heard.


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>Your points are very good. The list is not a proper maket representation.
>However, regarding your comments on the spool up time of the K04 vs. 
>K04...Most people (on Audiworld) who have done the conversion to K04 claim 
>much faster spool up times. I can't say much about the torque but 
>mathmatics would lead me to believe that torque is directly related to 
>boost, so that must be higher too. To be honest I really don't know the 
>mechanical differences between the two.
>Anyone care to enlighten me?
>Mike Benno
>a6 2.7t MTM1
>David Lau <toomanycars at mac.com> wrote:
>Sounds like a plan to me, Robby, you may never go back to the SHO!
>But I do think the K03 problems are out of proportion on this list. What
>percentage of biturbo owners worldwide are on this list, maybe 5%? and 
>10% of us have had failures? Total guesses, you understand. And we're 
>on them than most, chipping and all, yet probably maintain them better too,
>so that may wash. (How many average owners even THINK about that cold, 
>oil squeezing through those tiny passages at startup?)
>I've heard the K03s were designed for torque, not feindish horsepower
>anyway. Being small, they spool quickly, and give full rated (stock) torque
>at only 1800rpm. High rpm, sure, they run out of cfm to maintain high
>some of you know i am lurking on this board
>researching A6 2.7T as my potential next car (along
>with the 540i 6 speed). well, what about buying an A6
>2.7T with blown turbos wholesale. either private party
>or from a dealer that just wants to get rid of it.
>then put a K04 upgrade on it and be happy?
>am i dreaming? what do you guys think?
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