[Biturbos4] Replacement turbos - buyin A6 2.7T with blown turbos

David Bray brayd at rogers.com
Tue Feb 3 17:46:34 EST 2004

Well, I'm not even a "benchracer", but I think the whole point of having
twin-turbos was to lessen the lag that typifies traditional turbo
applications.  A single larger turbo would have to overcome more inertia and
therefore, have a longer spool-up time (before this car, I had a chipped
1993 urS4 which had a single turbo).

Design/engineering, as always, is a finely balanced game of trade-offs.

2001 S4, 6 spd SS ("Still Stock")

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> of course i'm just talking out my ass here (i'm a
> total benchracer), but what about a single turbo
> conversion?
> does the engine really need two turbos? what about a
> really efficient single turbo and i'm not talking
> single turbo supra size.
> Robby
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