[Biturbos4] Replacement turbos - now mafs

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 3 19:11:43 EST 2004

maybe some of you guys want to check this company out:


given, it's only mafs for domestic cars, but they are
some really sharp guys. i have a pro m 80mm maf on my
sho. it made around a 7-8 wheel HP difference on the
dyno. imagine what it could do for a boosted audi!

nice piece of work too. plastic maf. 110 mm velocity
stack. i love it. a properly designed one fo rteh 2.7T
would be good for ungoldy horsepower. they can go up
to 110 mm. maybe even bigger now.

they might be motivated enough to try a prototype for
the 2.7T engine. i'd ask, but i don't have an audi
(yet ;-) so i'd look like a time waster.

if anyone has a business license, they will work with
you. my maf retailed for $500. they gave it to me for
$324 delivered to my door. others have even done

see ya,

--- Miikka Salonen <miikka.salonen at kolumbus.fi> wrote:
> >
> > what do you guys do when you need to run a larger
> maf?
> > 4.2L V8 maf? what are those diameters?
> >
> > Robby
> First of all, I correct myself, RS4 may have little
> bit bigger MAF,
> different part number at least. But anyway, quickly
> measured, S4 MAF
> diameter is about 78 mm. I don't know the specs
> (bosch number 0 280
> 218 038) but I think that or RS4 MAF is enought for
> anyone.
> -Miikka-

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