[Biturbos4] Body work question

Power, Sean Austin (UMKC-Student) sap187 at umkc.edu
Thu Feb 5 21:12:16 EST 2004

After one month of waiting, I finally got the call from the body shop that my 2001 S4 is ready to be picked up.  The car required new front and rear bumpers among other things after being rear-ended.  (total repair bill nearly $5,000)  Unfortunately, upon inspection, I noticed that the gaps between the bumpers and the body of the car are wider than they were pre-accident and particularly on the front bumper, the gap is not perfectly parallel (meaning the distance b/w bumper and body is slightly wider at the wheel well than at the headlight).  Just to make sure I wasn't imagining this, I pulled photos of the car that clearly show the lines are not as clean as they used to be.
The body shop I used has a very good reputation and generally only works on Audis.  They have offered to try to do better, but in a moment of candor, the tech said, there really is not much they can do to make the lines tighter . . . IOW, the bumper cover just kind of snaps on, and due to shipping, heat, etc., the covers are sometimes slightly warped and do not fit perfectly - a condition that gets worse in cold (it is about 10-20 degrees here in Kansas City).
So my question is, does this explanation ring true with anyone?  Is it possible to nearly perfectly line up replacement bumpers, so the lines look clean and tight?
Don't get me wrong, they are not THAT bad, but frankly, not that good either.  At the end of the day, I will probably take it back to have them try to get it closer, but if what they said is true, maybe I am wasting my time.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Sean Power
2001.5 S4

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