[Biturbos4] APR Chip?

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It's not a matter of "if" your stock turbos will blow...but "when"...so the "jinx" was ON..when u chipped the car @ 25k mi..make sure that your VISA/MC is in good standing. You will need it!....$5700 is about the avg price to replace K03s...best to go for K04s..when u have to pay for it..and your not splitting the bill with AOA. 
my K03s blew at 53k mi...STOCK...on my second set...will chip my Y2K S4 this summer..I expect the second set (of stock turbos) to blow up eventually..especially with the added stress of a chip.

Marc Abernethy <mabernathy at lotteryusa.com> wrote:
Love the APR chip. Rarely turn it to stock. I have a later model 2001.
Put the chip in at 25K. I am at 66k with not one problem. How about that
for jinxing myself. I am very careful with warm up and cool down. 

To switch programs is very easy. The car must be running but at idle. Just
press and hold until the check engine light flashes to the program you want.


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Anyone got the APR chip?


I want a chip, but I'm concerned about the extra stress on all other
parts, even the clutch and tyres. So I like the idea of being able to
switch it from one mode to another using the cruise control stalk.
However, I'm just wondering how this operates. Can you just change
progamming whilst sat at the lights, with the engine running? Or do
you have to turn the engine off in order to switch?



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