[Biturbos4] APR Chip?

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Fri Feb 6 19:08:07 EST 2004

Just a note-

There are a lot of ways that a turbo can fail. Folks say they "blow up" ..
but there are much more details on how. These details point in directions
away from the turbo and to other points of failure.

A hose can blow off partially, causing a boost leak.. making one turbo spin
much faster than the other, stretching the blades out and contacting the
housing, then creating a nasty siren sound and eventual destruction.

An intercooler can take a rock from in front, causing the above. Though it
isn't likely because the path to them is crowded.

They can run too hot with the engine shut down too fast, causing crusted oil
to build up in the drain tubes.. making lubrication next to impossible. Then
the bearings fail and they sieze up.

They can run too hot with the engine shut down too fast, causing crusted oil
to build up in the FEED lines, though this is unlikely .. and the same
problem happens.

They can inhale foreign debris that gets by the air cleaner due to improper
filter placement. It happens. Especially when people change their own air
filter, biturbo airboxes are a bitch to pull apart and back together until
you've done it a few times. Theres a lot of ways you can improperly close it
leaving it open to the atmosphere. I've even seen mass airflow sensors just
hanging there not touching the airbox. And guess what? The turbos whined so
loud I swore the dash vibrated from it. This was just a week ago I saw this.

Then there can be manufacturing glitches. Those are extremely rare though,
the turbos are tested before they leave. This is rocket science, and the
tolorances are to 0.0001".

Theres the crappy 10k oil changes with dino oil. That certainly doesn't
promote turbo life. Especially when it's hot out.

Theres the failed bypass valves. That hurts them too, and you know how often
those can fail.

To sum it up, the turbos are rock solid. Even chipped. They're also the
whipping boy when it comes to failures of any sort. Something goes wrong,
and they overspin and fail. The ECM has no idea how fast the turbines
actually rotate. It does know EGT though, with a seperate sensor on each
side. Thus why audi turbo engines last hundreds of thousands of miles
compared to say.. chrysler who had basically no engine management to speak

Just my 2 cents defending what otherwise is a damn solidly built turbo IMO.

- Keman

j y wrote:
>> It's not a matter of "if" your stock turbos will blow...but
>> "when"...so the "jinx" was ON..when u chipped the car @ 25k mi..make
>> sure that your VISA/MC is in good standing. You will need
>> it!....$5700 is about the avg price to replace K03s...best to go for
>> K04s..when u have to pay for it..and your not splitting the bill
>> with AOA.
>> my K03s blew at 53k mi...STOCK...on my second set...will chip my Y2K
>> S4 this summer..I expect the second set (of stock turbos) to blow up
>> eventually..especially with the added stress of a chip.
>> Marc Abernethy <mabernathy at lotteryusa.com> wrote:
>> Love the APR chip. Rarely turn it to stock. I have a later model
>> 2001.
>> Put the chip in at 25K. I am at 66k with not one problem. How about
>> that
>> for jinxing myself. I am very careful with warm up and cool down.
>> To switch programs is very easy. The car must be running but at
>> idle. Just
>> press and hold until the check engine light flashes to the program
>> you want.
>> Marc
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>> Anyone got the APR chip?
>> http://www.goapr.co.uk/products/ecu_upgrade_s4.html
>> I want a chip, but I'm concerned about the extra stress on all other
>> parts, even the clutch and tyres. So I like the idea of being able to
>> switch it from one mode to another using the cruise control stalk.
>> However, I'm just wondering how this operates. Can you just change
>> progamming whilst sat at the lights, with the engine running? Or do
>> you have to turn the engine off in order to switch?
>> Cheers!
>> andyt
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