[Biturbos4] APR Chip?

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Sat Feb 7 00:40:36 EST 2004

robert weinberg writes:
> seems like a reason the turbos die is because you need
> to run synthetic oil, and many do not. the oil pasages
> are apparently very small on this turbo. and other
> turbos do seem to be a lot more stout when it comes to
> the average joe treating the car, like a, well...car.
> not their baby. meaning, not paying attention to cool
> down and what not.

Well, you're hearing a skewed sample on this list.  People whose
turbos fail post complaints.  Those who do not, don't.  The audience
on this list (and on Audiworld, etc) are car enthusiasts and tends
to drive the car hard, and many are chipped.

There are lots and lots of 2.7T-equipped cars out there, and I'll bet
the vast majority of them don't have turbo problems.  Case in point,
an acquaintance of mine is a home-care nurse and she drives a
2000 A6 2.7T.  Needless to say, she travels a lot in her car.  She
knows nothing about car tech or turbos (she bought the car because
she simply liked the comfort, looks and feel, and didn't even know
that her car has two turbos until I told her.  For that matter, she
doesn't even know what a turbo is), and drives the car like most other
people out there without special regard to turbo warmup or cooldown.
She has her dealer do all scheduled maintenance and nothing more,
yet her car has had absolutely no engine trouble.  The only complaint
she had were:

    - Her car's tendency to lose the headlight washer jet caps on the
    - A trip to the dealer to fix a jammed driver's side window
    - A recently broken cigarette lighter plug (she needs it to keep her
      cell phone charged)
    - And a recently broken cupholder

That's it, and I don't think her experience is atypical.

> would a turbo timer help? does the motronic have one
> built in?

There isn't a "turbo timer" built-in (one that keeps the engine
running for a period of time after you turn the ignition key off).
Car manufacturers don't put this sort of devices in for obvious
liability reasons.  However, the 2.7T does have an electric
after-run pump that runs coolant through the engine and turbos
if the temperature exceeds a certain value.  That sensor has a
really high trigger point, though; I've never heard mine run.

> i know jack out how turbos are oiled. do they get
> their oil from the engine? or separatly?

>From the engine.

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