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Sun Feb 8 01:55:53 EST 2004

Normally...i agree with Keman's opinion on 2.7T biturbos. But, I've read too many horror stories about turbo failures on both chipped & non-chipped cars. 
My stock 2.7T might have had a hidden boost leak that caused turbo failure @ 52k mi, but I've also had significant boost leaks on my 1986 Porsche 951 with a K26 turbo, no turbo failure. In fact, I'm going to replace the K26 with a KoKeln (upgraded) turbo this spring, which is basically a Garrett turbo with KoKeln mods.
It has a bigger impeller, and larger air intake, exhaust out, and larger oil feeds than the stock K26 (same people who make the K03s on the S4). In fact, a local tech laid the KoKeln turbo next to the K26 and was amazed at the size differences between the two. Yet, the KoKlen turbo fits into the stock K26 space on a Porsche 951.
To accomadate this more powerful turbo, I will also upgrade my intercooler and fuel rail, and injectors on the Porsche. 
IMO, there are BETTER turbos out there than what Audi, and Porsche, deliver on their stock cars, you just have to know who (usually a tuner) makes and sells it.

Brad R <mrtwr at early.com> wrote:
All this turbo talk lately, combined with the fact that I just had mine
replaced last week, got me thinking. My dealer put in the 078-145-701(&2)-S
turbos as the replacement on my stock 2000 S4. I have read that these are
"upgraded", but I was curious as to just how upgraded they are. Can I
expect these to be a much more durable then the original K03's that just
went south on me? What kind of lifespan can I expect with these upgraded
units, assuming I stay stock? Alternatly, could I realistically expect
these "upgraded" turbos to withstand the additional stress of chipping
better then the original turbos that were just replaced? I would like to
chip my car, but I'm still out on that, due to reliability--it is a concern
for me.

FWIW, the turbos that went bad on my car did so after 65000 miles. They
have had Mobil 1 oil changes performed in 5000 mile intervals, at most. I'm
not sure how they were treated for the 52k miles, but I have treated them
well over the 13k I have had the car. I was told by the service advisor
that the inner oil seal went bad on one. I am still getting some small
amounts of smoke and the smell of oil out of the exhaust, but I expect that
is just residual and will eventually all burn off. Of course I am closely
monitoring the oil use until I am convinced of such.

Thanks for your input.


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