[Biturbos4] Stock S4 Airbox vs. K&N set-up...Well....I just made the switch....and......

j y jimnetpa at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 8 02:49:29 EST 2004

after reading many posts on AudiWorld and this forum, I decided to take the PLUNGE and purchase/install the K&N intake system for the S4 from EVOMS (evolution mototrsports). I had read the article in eurotuner magazine (Sept 2003) describing their S4 project car, and the mods that were made. 
So, I purchased the EVOMS S4 Intake last December, and installed it this weekend. There was a NOTICEABLE increase in throttle response (I took one last trip with the stock airbox be4 installing the evoms intake for "butt dyno" comparison) versus stock. 
I had read the many postings that stated "the stock S4 airbox is the opitmal intake system for the S4." Well, it's winter here in the Northeast, and I haven't tried the K&N set-up under summer "heat soak" conditions, but so far - so good. As far as HP gains, I'm not believing the "hype" when it comes to that. 
I'm a stock configuration, with Stratmosphere DVs, Samco TBB, Samco Intercooler Intake hoses (upper), now Evoms K&N filter (includes heat shield). In a nutshell, I'm glad I made the change. I now have a stock S4 airbox to sell on ebay, or AudiWorld. Future mods will be: RS4 intercoolers, pre-catless DPs, Cat-back exhaust, and last but not least - chips (GIAC, or AMS engine management, GIAC tip ).  
Just wanted to share this experience with others who are considering this (pricey - $289-USD) plunge.

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