[Biturbos4] The Wonderful World of VAG...Please Confirm My Interpretation Of This Code

j y jimnetpa at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 8 22:01:39 EST 2004

Well Folks,
I visited the AC ("Atlantic City" for those not from S.Jersey/Philly PA area) Boat Show today, and was seriously cruising (enjoying that K&N setup that replaced my STOCK airbox) on the AC x-way back to Philly, when the DREADED "CEL" appeared in front of me.
Got back home with no problems. Took out my trusty VAG, did a scan, and found the following code:
16815 - Warm Up Catalyst: Bank 2: Efficiency Below Threshold
            P0431 - 35-00 - -
My intrepretation - the "pre-cat" on Bank 2 starting to signal that its got a problem (maybe near death), true or false?
This is the first time that I've received this code. I cleared it, and will re-scan mid week. If it re-appears, I will take appropriate action. I'm out of warranty (64k mi on my Y2K Imola Tip), so if the "pre-cat" is losing life, I will replace with "pre-catless" DPs.

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