[Biturbos4] Stock S4 Airbox vs. .... AWE intake?

MattOVR6 at aol.com MattOVR6 at aol.com
Mon Feb 9 18:54:28 EST 2004

I have considered switching my air induction setup on my '00 S4, and I came across the kit by Air & Water (www.awe-tuning.com) that installs an open air ITG filter INSIDE the airbox, using a small elbow and some clamps.  They say that it adds 10-11hp at the crank.

Link to product:

A while back, I read a review on Audiworld that tested the K&N versus the stock filter, and there was no change in power.  Once rereading the review, I came to found out that it was the flat panel filter that provided no difference.

Is this power increase substantiated by using AWE's kit?  I am apt to try it.  I also wouldn't mind a little more intake noise.  Has anyone used one of these?  Will this increase intake noise and/or power?  FYI, aside from a Neuspeed Exhaust, my car is otherwise stock.

Matt O.
'00 Nogaro S4
'95 Jetta 3.0L Turbo

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