[Biturbos4] Engine overheated. Bad thermostat?

David Pramanik dap128 at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 10 13:54:57 EST 2004

It could very well be a stuck thermostat.  I had the exact opposite problem.
I couldn't get the car to heat up.  The temp. gauge was always on the cold
side.  My thermostat was sticking open.

Unfortunately, on the V6 Audis, the thermostat is underneath the timing
belt, so its not an easy DIY replacement.  If you are anywhere near 60k, do
the timing belt service now and change the thermostat while it is out.

Good advice for anyone else doing their timing belt... don't forget to do
the thermostat at the same time.  That $25 part will cause you a lot of
hassle if you don't replace it and it fails.

-Dave Pramanik

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> I have a '00 S4.  As I was driving to work, I noticed the water
> temperature gauge go up.  Soon after, the coolant overheated warning
> light came on.  I pull over and the coolant in the expansion tank is
> boiling.  Coolant level looks fine.
> What's the standard procedure for diagnosing this?  Could a stuck
> thermostat be the cause?  Where is the thermostat, and is it easy to
> do a DIY replacement?
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> Steven
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