[Biturbos4] Just installed PhatNoise

Marc Abernethy mabernathy at lotteryusa.com
Tue Feb 10 19:25:25 EST 2004

Hey,  I just installed the PhatNoise.  Bought it off the web for $525
(another $12 for bracket and $90 for cable if car is not pre-wired for CD
changer).  My dealer wanted over $800 without installation.  The unit
installed with no issues.  My car was already wired for the CD changer.  It
slid into the spot where the changer normally goes.  Connected one cable and
two screws.  Turned it on and 3 seconds of programming.  It's running.  


Now 5 hours later.  I am still ripping CD on to my laptop to download to the
PhatNoise.  This is the slow part.  I have been doing it while doing other


I can't wait to take the car on a trip with al my CDs at my fingertips.



'01 S4

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