[Biturbos4] Learing about S4 differences

World Cyclist worldcyclist at highstream.net
Wed Feb 11 01:18:04 EST 2004

Hi People,

We're in the process of searching for a nice late model S4 for sale and since i don't know much about the details -- differences year to year -- and any possible "good" or "better" versions, I thought this would be the perfect group to bounce the question off of.

At this point, due to economics, I think it'll be a '00 or '01. I've yet to drive one but know a local guy who has a chipped S4 that i could probably try.  Kinda been holding off since it'll likely make me think our A4 30V is much too slow.

Would sure like any input or ideas, whether you have a nice S4 for sale, or personal experience to share.


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