[Biturbos4] s4 damaged at dealer.. advice?

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Wed Feb 11 23:05:43 EST 2004

Man, I feel for you.  That really sucks.  Not knowing the actual
situation, my gut feel is that the real culprit is probably the tow
truck people.  Having to hook and unhook your car, and tow it for
some distance, there is the highest likelihood for damage.  However
if they don't admit to it I am not sure there is much you could do.

The dealer obviously wouldn't want to cover damages that they didn't
inflict if that was the case, but they should at least be nice about it.

I am not a lawyer, so I can't offer any insight to the legal aspects
of this, but you would probably have to claim it on your own insurance
as a "hit and run" or something.  You should consult with your insurance
company about this.  Maybe they could go after the tow company on your

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Aaron LaPointe writes:
> My s4 was in the shop at Fathers and Sons Audi in West Springfield MA =
> this week for some sensor work and possibly blown turbos.  As if I =
> didn't have enough problems, I went to drop off a key at the dealer to =
> find out that the car's passenger side door has a dent, pass sideview =
> mirror is broken off and missing and driver's side mirror is damaged.  =
> Dealer denies having any involvement and says they refuse to cover =
> damage done to the car.  Dilemma is that the tow company says car was =
> perfect when they picked it up and perfect when they dropped it off.  =
> Dealer refuses to even discuss the possibility that it could be their =
> fault.  Audi of America refuses to help saying they must stand behind =
> their dealer.  Any legal eagles have any idea if I have any kind of =
> recourse against the dealer?  Are they responsible for damage done on =
> their property while they are in custody of the car?  Up until now, this =
> has been a great dealer and I'm really disappointed that they are taking =
> such a staunch position on this issue.  I thought we bought Audis, not =
> Yugos... if I had, I would expect to be treated like an asshole.  If =
> anyone has any ideas, I'd really love to hear em.  Thanks.
> Aaron LaPointe
> 01 s4

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