[Biturbos4] Re: Amsoil

World Cyclist worldcyclist at highstream.net
Fri Feb 13 00:52:02 EST 2004

Hey Ken,

I've used Amsoil for a few years and don't have anything bad to say.  I've also used Redline for about 10+yrs-- also excellent, altho' the max drain is about 18K miles compared to 35K miles (or one year) with Amsoil.

It's not that terribly amazing as "semi-trucks" (Class 8 as they're called), often go longer based on oil analysis. Could probably do the same with any good oil, but when the car costs 30K used $100 a year for oil is not a bad deal. 

I'd suggest documenting the difference before switching over to see what you gain.

98 A4 2.8Q 30V (Amsoil in engine, trans, diff)
91 Alfa Romeo 164L (Amsoil engine/trans)
80 Callaway Scirocco (Amsoil engine/trans)
76 Eagle 05 RV (7 gallons Amsoil in engine)

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