[Biturbos4] Blue Smoke (turbos or not turbos)

Michael Benno mbenno at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 16 19:12:00 EST 2004

Today my car did something that I recall seeing on one of the lists (BiTurbo, Audiworld, I can't remember which).

I pick up my car from the Park and Fly lot after 4 days sitting outside in MN. I drive off, everything seems normal. As I am driving on the highway I am noticing large amounts of blue smoke that are being emitted as I ease off acceleration. I listen for turbo whine.... none. I look for loss of power.... none. The smoke gets worse and worse for about 10 min and then the car shudders slightly as the check engine light flashes. After that no more smoke, no check engine light. Seems as though something was stuck.

Anyone know what this?

PS, used VAG-com last week and saw no error codes. Pressure tests good and turbos do not whine.

Mike Benno
2000 A6 2.7t 6spd

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