[Biturbos4] Just installed PhatNoise - where to buy - easy to install

Marc Abernethy mabernathy at lotteryusa.com
Tue Feb 17 08:38:49 EST 2004

I have been using the PhatNoise for a week or so.  I would love for it to be
able to display the song and artist like it does with the radio but that is
not an option that I know of.  If anyone has figured it out, please let me
know.  You can search several different ways.  I pleasant voice calls out
the albums, artists etc.  You can get a pretty good laugh with the way "she"
pronounces some of them.  

The unit is a tight fit into where the CD changer should go in the truck.
You plug the cable that comes with it into the back then connect that to the
CD changer cable.  Slide it in and two bolts hold it in place.  I did have
to pull some of the trunk liner out to get to the bolts.  If someone has a
place for me to upload a couple of pics, I will.  The cover is a very tight
fit.  It does close but the cartridge is touching on the inside of the

Check to make sure that you have the CD change cable.  If you don't it is
another $90 and it looks to be a considerable headache to install.  It would
have to go all the way from the trunk to behind the radio.  Not something
that I would have tackled.  

I found it on Ebay.  But bought it off-line.  Call John G 800-817-2899  at
West Broad VW.  He e-mail is vwparts at westbroadvwaudi.com

I paid by Paypal and received it in a few days.  

Please feel free to contact me with questions.

On to the next toy...  plasmmmmmma.


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>Hey,  I just installed the PhatNoise.  Bought it off the web for $525
>(another $12 for bracket and $90 for cable if car is not pre-wired for CD
>changer).  My dealer wanted over $800 without installation.  The unit
>installed with no issues.  My car was already wired for the CD changer.  It
>slid into the spot where the changer normally goes.  Connected one cable
>two screws.  Turned it on and 3 seconds of programming.  It's running.

I didn't know about these, but now I've looked into them - I have to
have one!! To repeat an earlier post's concerns, how does it fit into
the CD changer bay? Does the cover close again properly?



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