[Biturbos4] Body work question

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The holes are slotted in the brackets that are behind the front bumper
cover. Between that and "massaging" the area behind it which is fairly thin
sheetmetal, you can do all sorts of tricks to get the bumper to line back
up. Usually folks complain about the bumper sticking out too far on either
side, not up and down. That's as easy as just putting your shoulder into the
bumper and re-bending that sheetmetal behind it.

The front bumper cover has few fasteners retaining it, once removed you
wedge it down to unlock it and then "rip" it away. It's a forceful process
that can bend bracketry, this is how I know it can be re-alligned. :P

Btw- for anyone trying to reach me ... I've been super busy lately, but if
you sent me a message off list I _will_ eventually respond. :P

You can either demand the bodyshop take the car back and try hacking away
some more.. or if you wanna spend some of your own money, you could call up
your audi dealer for this one. Tell them a bodyshop did work and everything
came out great, you just want the bumper adjusted .. offer them 2 hours of
labor, see what they say.

- Keman

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> ... better late than never. The bumpers are a pain, but everyone I've ever
> who has removed theirs (and that's a lot of people), and who has been
> determined to get it re-aligned, has been sucessful. More often than not,
> people just settle with it being close, but there are tricks (that I
> unfortunately don't know about specifically, but several in the area do),
> will make it work. Good luck.
> -Phil

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