[Biturbos4] S4 upgrades

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Thu Feb 26 02:32:34 EST 2004

Hi all,

I just installed a set of the 18x8 Avus wheels from the 2004 S4 V8
on my 2001.5 S4, along with the Continental SportContact2 235/40ZR18
tires.  I think these wheels look superb on the car.  They retain
the 'S'-ness without looking "aftermarket", but the added size and
width impart a more aggressive stance.

The Conti tires are a vast improvement over the original Pirelli P6000s.
They provide better grip all around and are much quieter.  Makes the
car feel like a totally different animal.

These wheels and tires require the addition of 5mm spacers front and
rear to fit.  At the front the spacers are needed to prevent the inside
of the wheel spokes from touching the brake calipers, and at the rear
they are needed to prevent the tire from rubbing the suspension upright
link.  I used H&R hubcentric aluminum spacers and they are a perfect fit.

I also replaced the headlights with a pair of European-spec Xenon HID
housings.  These have significantly better beam pattern, and has
built-in city lights and clear corners.  They really light up the
night, and with only 35W bulbs they are stunningly superior to the
relayed 90/100W H4/H1 Euros I have on my 4000.

Oh, oh... the mods of my S4 have begun.  What am I getting myself
into? :-)

Check out my S4's new pic gallery #2 with the latest photos:


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