[Biturbos4] S4 Headlights being stolen

Adam Schwartz adam.schwartz at rcn.com
Thu Feb 26 11:13:15 EST 2004

Ugh - Yea, this happened to a friend of mine back in December. The 
repair bill came to near $5k. They damaged the wire harness as they 
removed the lights and destroyed the fenders too.



>Just came across this on boston.com.
>Car stereos are ancient history, and airbags are old hat. As Lufkus 
>xenon headlights, those super bright headlights with a bluish tinge 
>common to many
>high-end cars, are the coveted automobile item nowadays. Car thieves have been
>swiping them in increasing numbers across Boston, selling them on 
>the black market
>for a fraction of their $540 list price, and leaving unsuspecting 
>car owners with
>repair bills in the thousands.
>With the right tools, thieves can steal headlights off two models in 
>Audi S4s and Nissan Maximas, in under a minute, auto industry 
>specialists said. The
>headaches for car owners last a lot longer.
>Full story here:
>2001.5 S4 black/black
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