[Biturbos4] Manual swap

John Koenig johnkoenig at greennet.net
Thu Feb 26 18:17:52 EST 2004

I know these are great cars, and I certainly don't want to pick on anyone,
but aren't we missing the obvious here?  What could possibly be so special
about one individual car that swapping cars wouldn't be, by far, the better
and cheaper course?  Trade that S4 Avant Tip on a nice, low mileage S4 Avant

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From: Fabryce <Fabryce at hartmann-motorsports.com>

> We have done this work in the past , It is a pretty big project.

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> From: "Keman" <keman at interwolf.net>
> > If you're serious about this, line up a person who wants to do the
> opposite.
> > Find someone of the same year who is tired of rowing his own gears in
> > traffic and wants to install an automatic.

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