[Biturbos4] BMW becoming the 'ultimate poser machine' - My E36-M3 Sedan

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Fri Feb 27 13:22:05 EST 2004

When I purchased my new 1997 E36-M3 sedan (which I traded in for my Y2K S4) here in the Philly PA area, the salesman told me 'that BMW automatics have a higher trade-in value here in N. America.' Needless to say, I purchased my M3 with a manual tranny. 
But, when I purchased my Y2K S4, I did go for the Tip. Reason: I have two teenage kids who were learning how to drive, and I wanted a car (transmission) that would NOT make things difficult for them. In my opinion, it's much easier to learn how to drive your first car using a automatic versus manual tranny. 
Imagine, an S4 is the first car in which u learn how to drive. So far, one down (my son), and one to go (my daughter).
just my .02

Kyle Owen <krowen89 at hotmail.com> wrote:
My father-in-law found the same thing the last two times he bought a car - 
ended up with a Saab Viggen Conv the first time (only came in manual) and a 
G35 6-speed the second time (available on the lot at multiple 
dealerships...) BMW's are wonderful drivers cars (never owned one, but I 
can't begrudge,) but in automatic form I just don't get the appeal...

>From: "Bill Coleman" 
>Reply-To: Bill Coleman 
>Subject: [Biturbos4] BMW becoming the 'ultimate poser machine'
>Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 13:18:13 -0500
>A friend of a friend wanted to test drive a 330i only to discover every car
>on the lot was an automatic! The salesman told him that 95% of what they
>sell are automatics, so the only way to get a manual transmission was to
>special order it. No slam on automatics, but for me the 'ultimate driving
>machine' would be a manual. Has BMW crossed the line from sport sedan to
>luxury sedan? Or is this just a local (nothern Detroit suburbs) 
>00 S4 6sp
>01 A4 Avant 1.8tq sport 5sp
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