[Biturbos4] BMW becoming the 'ultimate poser machine' - My E36-M3 Sedan

Michael Kuriger michael at isuzu-mods.com
Fri Feb 27 16:01:46 EST 2004

Asgreed.  Learning to drive in an auto is fine, but it's easy to drive 
wrong in an auto (using the left foot for braking comes to mind) which 
isn't an issue with a stick.  Also, if your kid needs to drive his/her 
drunk friend home in a 5 speed it's important that he/she can drive it 
and not give up the keys to the drunk friend.  Just one possible thing 
to think about. 

Mike (single dad) Kuriger
6 year old daughter
4 year old daughter

David Lau wrote:

>I taught all 3 of my kids to drive a manual first, but not on the S4. Used
>an '87 F-150 with a big old 4-speed stick 2' long from the floor and a
>forgiving clutch. All 3 of 'em have turned into enthusiast car guys/chicks
>who now relish a manual. The most satisfying time(s) were when my daughter
>had to teach several of her boyfriends how to drive a stick!

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