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John Koenig johnkoenig at greennet.net
Fri Feb 27 16:43:06 EST 2004

I'm a former SCCA National amateur race winner, and I still learned a lot
about car control, especially weight transfer, after attending a driving
school.  Worth considering for the kids ...

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Yes, the difference is:

Vehicle control....

Got my license, in Europe, where 99.9% of all vehicles sold are manual. All
of the students are required to drive stick, unless they can't/won't, in
which manner, at least in Holland, it is NOTICED on your driver's license,
that you are allowed to drive ATX, instead of MTX.....the majority of the
kids getting their licenses here in NJ, with too rich parents, have no
abso-friggin-clue about car-dynamics.........

Therefore, our little girl will learn how to drive stick, prior to be taking
any kind of vehicle out of our garage (ooohps, both are automatics as we
speak, not a problem, we have another 17 years to go until she's entitled to
drive), but I want our girl to be able to drive a car in her grandparents

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